My name’s Eric! I’m a software engineer (focusing mostly on education, specifically in computer science), but in my free time I play some board games, y’know, casually. I also dabble in some video games and Netflix, but honestly for this blog I’ll be sticking to board games. Keep it focused, yeah?

The point of this blog is just to talk about some games I’ve been playing recently and make recommendations to friends / anyone who is interested in reading it. If you want to see a game featured here, let me know! Tweet at me or something; that’s what all the cool kids were doing in 2009.

As far as rating systems go, I’m not going to try to be fancy and rate a game’s quality like I’m some sort of objective person, rather, I’m going to use BGG’s rating system and just rate how much I like a game / how likely I’d be to play it or suggest it when I’m playing games. I think that’s the most straightforward. I’m a fan, as it lets me rank games according to my preferences rather than having to find objective reasons for how I feel about a game. I also keep a spreadsheet of what I’ve ranked other games, so I’m going to try to at least be somewhat consistent. That being said, my feelings about games gradually shift over time, so I might post some retrospectives if I’m still doing this in a few years to talk about how my feelings on the game have evolved or shifted. It’ll be cool! I promise.

I also have an Instagram I’m going to use for this, in case you want to see what I’m actually playing, rather than what I’m just reviewing. I try to post pretty frequently on there, except when I’m playing games that don’t work particularly well with photos of gameplay (Spyfall and Lost Legacy both come to mind, though there are a few others [like Love Letter]). I’ll also be simulposting to a Facebook Page, now that everything is properly synchronized. Occasionally you might also see one of those Amazon affiliate links so that you can buy on Amazon via my blog, because that’s where I buy about half of my board games (the other half is 45% Kickstarter, 5% local game stores — support your local game stores, kids). It also, full disclosure, might get me some money, and as you can imagine this is definitely a full-time endeavor and not just something I do between 11PM and 4AM on Saturdays. Yup.

If you’d like, I also have a boardgamegeek account where I have a little bit more information on my collection / other things. Check that out if you’re inclined (my username is kalchio). I keep a GeekList there of games I’ve reviewed, in case you’re looking to check those out on BGG as well. And I even updated all the games on my blog with their BGG links, in order to make this even more useful. If you have any feedback on how I can make this blog better, please let me know!

Happy reading!



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