Top 15

(Subject to update frequently and without notice)

Also, I can’t really order these, but these are probably my current favorites.

Game BGG Link My Review
Millennium Blades + Set Rotation Millennium Blades #117 – Millennium Blades
Burgle Bros. Burgle Bros. #33 – Burgle Bros.
Santorini Santorini #82 – Santorini
Near and Far Near and Far #133 – Near and Far
Ice Cool Ice Cool #71 – Ice Cool
Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 Year done; will review eventually.
Cake Duel Cake Duel #57 – Cake Duel
Anomia Anomia
Anomia: Party Edition
#4 – Anomia + Party Edition
Sol: Last Days of a Star Sol: Last Days of a Star It’s very good; I just need a few more plays before I’m ready.
Evolution: Climate Evolution: Climate #91 – Evolution: Climate
Vast: The Crystal Caverns Vast: The Crystal Caverns I’ll get to it.
Werewords Werewords #118 – Werewords
Dominion Series Dominion
I’m seriously not listing all of these.
#41 – Dominon [Base Game]
#45 – Dominion: Intrigue
#48 – Dominion: Seaside
#52 – Dominion: Prosperity
#56 – Dominion: Cornucopia
#60 – Dominion: Hinterlands
#64 – Dominion: Dark Ages
#68 – Dominion: Guilds
#72 – Dominion: Alchemy
#76 – Dominion: Adventures
#80 – Dominion: Empires
#84 – Dominion: Update Pack
#88 – Dominion: Intrigue Update Pack
Coloretto Coloretto #67 – Coloretto
Factory Funner Factory Funner #160 – Factory Funner

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