Hot 15

(Subject to update frequently and without notice)

So while the Top 15 is my current all-time favorites, the Hot 15 is more of what I’m enamored with right now. Note this list is not ordered.

Game BGG Link My Review / Excuse
Ice Cool 2 Ice Cool 2 Drafting. In the meantime, check out my review of Ice Cool?
Railroad Ink Blazing Red Edition
Deep Blue Edition
Both are drafted. Yeah, both.
Catch the Moon Catch the Moon For some reason I haven’t drafted this one, yet. Photos are taken, at least.
Welcome To… Welcome To… #265 – Welcome To…
This will take a while! But I’m working through them. Don’t know if Metro is going to work out for a review just because of the game’s length, but I’ll see what I can do.
Warsaw: City of Ruins Warsaw: City of Ruins A few more plays from drafting, but will have it up eventually!
Everdell Everdell #264 – Everdell
Wind the Film! Wind the Film! This is a fascinating little game. Haven’t played enough to have a good sense of it, though (we messed up a rule). Will try again soon.
Drop It! Drop It! #266 – Drop It
Mini DiverCity Mini DiverCity Drafting soon!
Bargain Quest Bargain Quest #250 – Bargain Quest
Expancity Expancity #248 – Expancity
Death Note: Confrontation Death Note: Confrontation #251 – Death Note: Confrontation
Space Base Space Base #253 – Space Base
Scarabya Scarabya #239 – Scarabya


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