Hot 15

(Subject to update frequently and without notice)

So while the Top 15 is my current all-time favorites, the Hot 15 is more of what I’m enamored with right now. Note this list is not ordered, but I just almost completely changed it, so … that’s nice.

Game BGG Link My Review / Excuse
Near and Far Near and Far My copy finally arrived! Really excited about this one.
Kingdomino Kingdomino #114 – Kingdomino
Insider Insider Drafted!
Honshu Honshu Hoping to get in a few more plays and/or draft this one, soon.
Millennium Blades + Set Rotation Millennium Blades
Millennium Blades: Set Rotation
#117 – Millennium Blades
Fugitive Fugitive Drafted!
Roll Player Roll Player #111 – Roll Player
Shahrazad Shahrazad Just got this one in, as well. Looking forward to a writeup.
Red7 Red7 I’ve been playing this one a lot, lately, for some reason. Still need to try advanced play before I can review.
Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black Just got this one in, so I’ll get to the review eventually. Might redo my initial TEG photos while I’m at it.
Cake Duel Cake Duel #57 – Cake Duel [Preview]
Spyfall 2 Spyfall 2 I could probably draft this one, now. I’ll get to it soon.
Cat Tower Cat Tower Drafted!
Santorini Santorini
Golden Fleece Expansion
#82 – Santorini
#86 – Santorini: Golden Fleece
Vast: The Crystal Caverns Vast: The Crystal Caverns Still getting some plays in, but excited to play it.

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