Hot 15

(Subject to update frequently and without notice)

So while the Top 15 is my current all-time favorites, the Hot 15 is more of what I’m enamored with right now. Note this list is not ordered, but I just completely overhauled it with Gen Con games and previews and such. Don’t expect a lot of these to get reviewed, soon.

Game BGG Link My Review / Excuse
DropMix DropMix I’m still figuring out how to review this.
Mars Open: Tabletop Golf Mars Open: Tabletop Golf Drafting, but still need to do photos for this one.
Rhino Hero: Super Battle Rhino Hero: Super Battle Drafting — needs pictures. How do I even take pictures for this one?
Spy Club Spy Club #129 – Spy Club [Preview]
Bemused Bemused Working on a few more plays of this one.
Flip Ships Flip Ships I should be able to draft this soonish.
Near and Far Near and Far #133 – Near and Far
Klondike Rush Klondike Rush Could use a couple more plays, but it’s a really pretty game.
Maskmen Maskmen #131 – Maskmen
Sol: Last Days of a Star Sol: Last Days of a Star Still need to play this a few more times.
In A Grove In A Grove Drafted!
Dice Forge Dice Forge Drafting soon!
Unearth Unearth Drafted!
The Climbers The Climbers I’ll draft this one soon.
Trickster: Champions of Time Trickster: Champions of Time Always fun to play. Gotta get those Magicians. Drafting soon. Maybe once I play with the advanced deck a few times.

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