Hot 15

(Subject to update frequently and without notice)

So while the Top 15 is my current all-time favorites, the Hot 15 is more of what I’m enamored with right now. Note this list is not ordered, but I just almost completely changed it, so … that’s nice.

Game BGG Link My Review / Excuse
Millennium Blades + Set Rotation Millennium Blades
Millennium Blades: Set Rotation
Just tried my first co-op game! …Still no idea how I’m gonna write this up.
Terraforming Mars Terraforming Mars My copy finally arrived! Looking forward to finally getting some plays in.
Hardback Hardback Drafted! Expect it up in time for the Kickstarter launch.
Roll Player Roll Player Just arrived. Will take me a bit of time to review.
Factory Funner Factory Funner Drafted!
Avenue Avenue Once I can do a bit better I might be able to write up some strategy.
Qwinto Qwinto Drafted!
Santorini Santorini
Golden Fleece Expansion
#82 – Santorini
#86 – Santorini: Golden Fleece
Kingdom Builder + Expansions Kingdom Builder
Kingdom Builder: Nomads
Kingdom Builder: Crossroads
Kingdom Builder: Marshlands
#92 – Kingdom Builder
#96 – Kingdom Builder: Nomads
More coming soon!
Spyfall 2 Spyfall 2 I could probably draft this one, now. I’ll get to it soon.
Ice Cool Ice Cool #71 – Ice Cool
Blend Off! Blend Off #94 – Blend Off!
Vast: The Crystal Caverns Vast: The Crystal Caverns Still getting some plays in, but excited to play it.
Evolution: CLIMATE Evolution: CLIMATE #91- Evolution: CLIMATE
Islebound Islebound Finally played! I enjoyed it, but I need more plays to review.

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